201506231711116187159765625Smart Emergency Medical Service (SEMS) [2016]

  • Investigating a few patterns of wearable device data and asymmetry of face pictures to detect specific disease
  • Implementing a new device for collecting bio-information

audc9ygp_400x400BEDATA [2015]

  • Worked on a machine learning projects with hardware devices, an interactive device that uses pattern recognition and visualizes data from the bed


그림1Machine Learning Calendar [2014-2015]

  • Implemented a machine learning scheduler application that suggests events to people based on personal data patterns using the machine learning algorithm, Collaborative Filtering


data_aqWeight Balance Recognition [2014]

  • Investigated a novel biometric that verifies people based on their unique weight balance and pressure distribution on the “Wii Balance Board” using a self-collected database of 80 subjects
  • Implemented and studied a model based on PCA(Principal Components Analysis), LDA(Linear Discriminants Analysis) and DTW(Dynamic Time Warping); validated using Cross Validation at the best 10.5% of the Equal Error Rate


Smart Refrigerator [2014]product

  • Implemented a smart refrigerator that can recognize food in the box, recommend recipes with the items.

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